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Loftus Road

Premier League

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23:59: ???????? spell check the fucker...

'Time to send' that should've read. Townsend better though....????????

1 Aug, 23:59 UTC+2

23:46: Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the taking the Townsend a message. t.co/Nhd5X0wXNE

1 Aug, 23:46 UTC+2

23:43: @talkSPORT Joey Barton signs for talkSPORT.
Full details here: t.co/6MzRQmhCo6
Welcome, @Joey7Barton! t.co/hf4I3FJBsH

1 Aug, 23:43 UTC+2


20:18: ..... Press Rewind! Unreal scenes ???? t.co/fOdOthcDTW

1 Aug, 20:18 UTC+2

14:19: Super Sunday... putting the boys through their pre season training.... Lorenz got his @D_DeGea gloves on!! ???????? t.co/2kpZL8IS3V

30 Jul, 14:19 UTC+2

17:41: The Human Diving Board... ???????????? t.co/l8gLQSM76d

29 Jul, 17:41 UTC+2

22:56: Good win at home to finish off preseason in what was lovely weather for ducks ????????@CardiffCityFC

28 Jul, 22:56 UTC+2

10:58: It says 'until the match is announced' which is today Martin. As you were x t.co/i1Ycf5fk5u

28 Jul, 10:58 UTC+2

10:56: @CaIumHogan @alexdeutsch @Joey7Barton @FA Well if you looked at his last tweet he obviously waited until the game was announced to make…

28 Jul, 10:56 UTC+2

10:50: ...but @FA have decided my ban extends to helping a great cause. So unfortunately, unless someone engages their bra… t.co/Hp1a6vhhvE

28 Jul, 10:50 UTC+2

10:45: I would have loved to be supporting the #Game4Grenfell at Loftus Road on 02.09.17. More info here: t.co/sqVzwX4DNT

28 Jul, 10:45 UTC+2

17:45: Thank you. Hope they can ease that pressure. ❤️ t.co/ZyS06JKvPV

27 Jul, 17:45 UTC+2

14:06: @mcrfwf 6 weeks tonight we have what promises to be a brilliant event with @CalvinBook @Paul_Lake @Joey7Barton & @ShelleyBBC https://t.…

27 Jul, 14:06 UTC+2

14:05: Glad you enjoyed it. If I'm in that area, reach out, I'd love to pass on the knowledge I've learnt. t.co/vNZOUTMKys

27 Jul, 14:05 UTC+2

13:38: No worries chaps ???????????????? t.co/AbrsZ0uqrd

26 Jul, 13:38 UTC+2

13:36: Top man ???????? @Dominicmatteo21 t.co/ljeEOXBCjJ

26 Jul, 13:36 UTC+2

13:29: No problem... ???????????????? t.co/NNdYpGEI2Z

26 Jul, 13:29 UTC+2

23:23: Surely nobody in their right mind would ever do that...???? t.co/m5hX5HKUpD

25 Jul, 23:23 UTC+2

12:20: Yesssss my man @CH14_ ... welcome back to the @premierleague ????????⚒ #Goals t.co/ekoTgwGSJL

25 Jul, 12:20 UTC+2


17:02: All set ... Come on @WaterfordGAA #Waterford #gaa #wexvwat t.co/1I7QxtJMgM

23 Jul, 17:02 UTC+2

12:28: What a day... what a suit!!! @ManUtd ❤️???????? t.co/4v3YmUonzl

23 Jul, 12:28 UTC+2

21:25: You're having a 'pop' at this guy right? @mikeparry8 Doesn't matter what he earns. He's a top fella. t.co/WsL4zGRFov

22 Jul, 21:25 UTC+2

21:10: Forgot to tag the plonkers... @TheTwoMikes @mikeparry8 t.co/hjU4ZMz4Ru

22 Jul, 21:10 UTC+2

21:06: Leave @BeefGolf alone you pair of ????'s. The lad is a credit to himself, the way he handles himself at tournaments. A shining example.

22 Jul, 21:06 UTC+2

16:33: You wait 146 years for 1 and 2 come along on the same day...#surelynot #TheOpenChampionship

22 Jul, 16:33 UTC+2

16:32: What are the chances that @BrandenGrace 62 gets beaten today?

22 Jul, 16:32 UTC+2

16:28: Those short game tips I gave you are working a treat...???????? @BrandenGrace

22 Jul, 16:28 UTC+2

16:20: Well done Gracey... @BrandenGrace ???????????????????????????????? #62 #theopen2017 #legacy

22 Jul, 16:20 UTC+2

15:30: Allez Les blues...???? t.co/m3jOcH58Lr

22 Jul, 15:30 UTC+2

15:29: Golf at @RoyalBirkdale_ heating up quite nicely. Couldn't have wished for an easier day in @TheOpen #birdiefest

22 Jul, 15:29 UTC+2

09:21: Thankful... Grateful... Blessed... for all your messages of support!! ???????????????? t.co/bhDSihu2C6

21 Jul, 09:21 UTC+2

16:01: @CardiffCityFC Somebody's hands are going to be looking sharp this pre-season, eh @b_murphy01gk ?! #CityAsOne ???????? t.co/oI6g5…

17 Jul, 16:01 UTC+2

00:22: Well that was shite ???????? #MayweatherVsMcGregor

12 Jul, 00:22 UTC+2

13:14: Great player.. Great Guy.. Great Family.. Bad Singer but an All Time Football Legend @WayneRooney ???????? More words her… t.co/ZqOADjmDdI

10 Jul, 13:14 UTC+2

00:08: Devastated to hear the sad news about @Bradleysfight. Bradley and his family have been a true inspiration to us all. RIP little man. X

8 Jul, 00:08 UTC+2

19:27: Such sad news.... thoughts are with his family & friends! Godbless lil man ???????? t.co/nyWegd2HCd

7 Jul, 19:27 UTC+2

10:49: Not many better feelings in the ????.... #TBT t.co/sfeo4Ai5O8

6 Jul, 10:49 UTC+2

22:41: Enjoy Robbie. ???????????????? t.co/qrqwLX15QC

4 Jul, 22:41 UTC+2

11:35: Minging exercise from @meldeane this morning... P.S pls don't try this at home ???????????? t.co/S5ZG3V5B5G

4 Jul, 11:35 UTC+2


11:17: Thank you @TheOneGloveCo for the gloves all ready for the GK sessions and preseaon no18???????? t.co/ryAIBqvksB

4 Jul, 11:17 UTC+2

11:09: Course is looking great R. Can't wait to come and see you all again. #golfingnirvana t.co/9Ed0Q6xU2a

4 Jul, 11:09 UTC+2

19:19: Great golf again. Well done lads @TommyFleetwood1 @FinoEFC ????????

2 Jul, 19:19 UTC+2

22:32: Loved watching his old man fight. If he keeps his feet on the ground, keeps improving, he could be some prospect @ConorNigel @NigelGBenn ????

1 Jul, 22:32 UTC+2

22:07: The body follows the mind... t.co/KgMS04IHlk

1 Jul, 22:07 UTC+2

22:06: ???? lost myself in a few whilst sunning myself...☀️ t.co/6z6V5cP6Qr

1 Jul, 22:06 UTC+2

11:12: Nerves of steel @owen_faz ???????? come on @lionsofficial ????#Lions2017

1 Jul, 11:12 UTC+2

09:20: Come on the boys... @lionsofficial ????????????

1 Jul, 09:20 UTC+2

00:02: Oliver Stone's 'The Putin Interviews' is fascinating TV. Big Vlad is like Don Corleone. #TheGodfather????????

1 Jul, 00:02 UTC+2

22:34: Germany win U21 European championship with effective, cohesive, hard working team performance against Spain. Playing 4-4-2. ????????????????????????

30 Jun, 22:34 UTC+2

20:43: Germany v Spain U21's final...???? ????????????????

30 Jun, 20:43 UTC+2

19:23: Brave article @StevenCaulker04 Hope you continue to get better on a daily basis and get your career back on track.???????? t.co/AmPw5bDHjG

30 Jun, 19:23 UTC+2

VIDEO: QPR and Union Berlin's epic sliding celebrations as match is abandoned


Players from both sides celebrated the game being called off after a torrential downpour, practising their diving on the waterlogged pitch