Miami Heat

Coach: Erik Spoelstra
American Airlines Arena


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08:01: I'm 35 I say whatever I want.

2 Aug, 08:01 UTC+2

07:57: Yes sir @DWRIGHTWAY1 Good work tonite. #Hehasaratchet

2 Aug, 07:57 UTC+2

06:37: @bmrwoods @PerthWildcats+all hoops fans- @JamesDa_Truth joins @carfinomagic and me on #BillandBoz 930pm EST @FOXSportsNews Plus Shaun T…

2 Aug, 06:37 UTC+2


05:23: @tribjazz Lone Peak/Davis High, 2008 class 5a state semifinal. Tyler Haws hit the game-winner. Game featured 6 D-1 guys and an NBA guy…

2 Aug, 05:23 UTC+2

23:36: Can't wait @memphisredbirds The Redbirds & @memgrizz have teamed up for #GritGrindNight at ...

1 Aug, 23:36 UTC+2

20:17: @ELLEmagazine The #GameOfThrones actors discuss one of the best scenes in "The Queen's Justice."

1 Aug, 20:17 UTC+2

20:14: @AJacobs10 Dwyane Wade on How He's Pushing the Style Envelope via @Esquire

1 Aug, 20:14 UTC+2

19:25: @flasportsbuzz New: NBC 6's Kuperstein leaving for bigger job in New York City:

1 Aug, 19:25 UTC+2

08:59: Leading my team to the Final Four!

1 Aug, 08:59 UTC+2

08:58: Me. I wasn't eating 3meals a day plus snacks. I was hungry. I would have ate him for bfast/lunch or dinner but he's…

1 Aug, 08:58 UTC+2

08:56: We all do it different. It's equal across the board. We mastered the euro in our own ways.

1 Aug, 08:56 UTC+2

08:55: You do the Hokey pokey and you turn yourself around haha corny I know but I'm laughing

1 Aug, 08:55 UTC+2

08:54: DAMN!!! This is tough!!! I can't pick. So I'll jus have to clone each me 4times. To make 15 players in total hahaa

1 Aug, 08:54 UTC+2

08:52: Nope. He got me. I made fun of myself the day after on twitter. I don't take myself to serious.

1 Aug, 08:52 UTC+2

08:48: SAY MY NAME( Heisenberg~Breaking bad)

1 Aug, 08:48 UTC+2

08:39: Hahaha actually she's not. She's a Marquette grad tho ????

1 Aug, 08:39 UTC+2

08:38: I have 4(wedding band) and NO. Get your own!

1 Aug, 08:38 UTC+2

08:37: He gon cry in the car!!!

1 Aug, 08:37 UTC+2

08:36: Good Luck????

1 Aug, 08:36 UTC+2


08:33: I don't care abt that. I've jus tried to get the best out of what's inside me and make my Mom,Dad,Wife and kids pro…

1 Aug, 08:33 UTC+2

08:32: I think I could pull off carpool karaoke! What songs would you want to hear? #TeamBosh @latelateshow

1 Aug, 08:32 UTC+2

08:29: ???????????????? the nerve of your wife

1 Aug, 08:29 UTC+2

08:28: Pray that every grocery store in the world go out of business and his wife can't cook him any food. Whatever she's…

1 Aug, 08:28 UTC+2

08:26: Shaq!!!

1 Aug, 08:26 UTC+2

08:25: That right there!!! Thank you for those words.

1 Aug, 08:25 UTC+2

08:24: ????????????????????

1 Aug, 08:24 UTC+2

08:21: Thanks for watching! Appreciate that! #LateLateShow

1 Aug, 08:21 UTC+2

08:19: Love

1 Aug, 08:19 UTC+2

08:18: OakLawn stand up. Love

1 Aug, 08:18 UTC+2

08:17: Making the shot. I missed the reserve layup in regulation to win the game. So I needed that get back!

1 Aug, 08:17 UTC+2

08:16: Love fam ????

1 Aug, 08:16 UTC+2

08:16: Never say never

1 Aug, 08:16 UTC+2

08:15: Persistent. My Love and Thank you

1 Aug, 08:15 UTC+2

08:15: West coast lyfe

1 Aug, 08:15 UTC+2

08:14: We've already united. It's just away from basketball. Business partners!!!

1 Aug, 08:14 UTC+2

08:13: Yes it's random I don't know 99 percent of the people I retweet

1 Aug, 08:13 UTC+2

08:12: Thank you. Respect

1 Aug, 08:12 UTC+2

08:12: One day I will never ball again. Until then I'll give it everything I have.

1 Aug, 08:12 UTC+2

08:02: Preach

1 Aug, 08:02 UTC+2


08:01: If you want more dunks go type in my name on YouTube. I have plenty.

1 Aug, 08:01 UTC+2

07:59: Talk that talk

1 Aug, 07:59 UTC+2

07:58: Nope I haven't.

1 Aug, 07:58 UTC+2

07:58: ???? who is that young man

1 Aug, 07:58 UTC+2

07:57: It may make you dance like me. So drink up and have a good time

1 Aug, 07:57 UTC+2

07:56: Just do what I do. Laugh at ????

1 Aug, 07:56 UTC+2

07:55: LOVE!!!!

1 Aug, 07:55 UTC+2

07:53: The moments that make you feel good about the work you've done

1 Aug, 07:53 UTC+2

07:49: Dwright didn't tell me

1 Aug, 07:49 UTC+2

07:49: @BleacherReport 2 years ago, Devon Gales became paralyzed after a hit in a college football game. Today, he's still putting in work ????…

1 Aug, 07:49 UTC+2

07:48: @itsgabrielleu Made Worthy #BlackWomensEqualPayDay

1 Aug, 07:48 UTC+2

04:22: Catch me at the beginning of the #LateLateShow CBS tonight! I'm talking Music, Guitar, Dad Life, and more! Thanks f…

1 Aug, 04:22 UTC+2




奥兰多土生土长的马特·威廉姆斯似乎对在这里开启他的篮球章节并没有什么影响。威廉姆斯在奥兰多开始他的篮球生涯,他在离 Amway球馆不到1.3英里的琼斯高中上学,Amway是热火夏季联赛的地方。

Kelly Olynyk firma com El Heat


Derrick Walton Jr. firma con El Heat

MIAMI, FL – El Miami HEAT anunció hoy que el escolta Derrick Wal


MIAMI, FL 24/7/17 – El Miami HEAT anunció hoy que el escolta Mat


MIAMI, FL – El Miami HEAT anunció hoy que el escolta Derrick Wal

HEAT Dancer Blog: My Audition Process - Fabiana

Auditioning to become a Miami HEAT Dancer was not only a dream I was longing to accomplish, but a battle I had to endure.

The Miami Heat Signs Derrick Walton Jr.

MIAMI, July 24 – The Miami HEAT announced today that they have signed guard Derrick Walton Jr. to a Two-Way Contract.


迈阿密,佛罗里达 – 迈阿密热火今天宣布他们已经和后卫德里克·沃顿二世签下了双向合同。根据球队的规定,具体的条例没有被透露。  

HEAT Signs Matt Williams

MIAMI, July 24 – The Miami HEAT announced today that they have signed guard Matt Williams.


MIAMI, FL – El Miami HEAT anunció hoy que el delantero Udonis Haslem volvió a firmar con el equipo.


If you’ve followed the NBA long enough, you know there is a decent amount of conjecture about the Miami HEAT organization and what it tak



HEAT Re-Signs Udonis Haslem

MIAMI, July 20 – The Miami HEAT announced today that they have re-signed forward Udonis Haslem.

HEAT Learn to Swim: A.D. Barnes Park Pool Recap

The Miami HEAT teamed up with Florida Blue, FOX Sports Sun and the American Red Cross by surprising some young swimmers during their swim

HEAT Dancer Blog: My Passion - Angie

Dancing has been a part of my life since the early age of two.


NBA夏季联赛后很多的信息需要去消化。因为奥兰多和拉斯维加斯不规律的开场时间,你可能并不能找到全部你所需要的一切。 如果在过去的两周时间里,你没法追踪到那些小的闪光点,你也可能了解到大家在讨论他惊人的潜力。

Five Bam Things You Might Have Missed

There’s a lot to digest when it comes to NBA Summer League.

Summer League: HEAT 91 – Clippers 84 Game Recap

The Miami HEAT defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 91-84 Thursday night at Thomas & Mack Center in Round 2 of the Las Vegas Summer League.


“不要放弃你的梦想.” 这是扎克·奥古斯特的父亲,一个前半职业足球运动员,对他的建议。 奥古斯特似乎将这牢记在心


历史告诉我们,了解一个球队的过去是非常重要的。更好的了解球队的过去,也有助于我们更好的预测未来。当然数据也只能是一个大概的数据。 之前的那个赛季帮助我们定位好我们可以达到什么样的目标,有的时候需要后探一步来测试你究竟能向前迈开多远。

Summer League: HEAT 73 – Mavericks 78 Game Recap

The Miami HEAT fell to the Dallas Mavericks 78-73 Tuesday night at Cox Pavilion in the Las Vegas Summer League.


迈阿密热火在周二晚上与达拉斯小牛的比赛中以73:78不敌对手。克莱沃得到了热火最高的18分。 1. 克莱沃半场后爆炸性的表现

HEAT Blog: Most Improved 2017

Going into my second season as a Miami HEAT Dancer I wanted to reclaim my spot on the team through hard work and dedication.


迈阿密热火在周一晚上91:87战胜华盛顿奇才队。比赛在拉斯维加斯托马斯马克中心进行。威廉姆斯得到了球队最高的17分。 1. 无人可挡的斑


MIAMI, FL – El Miami HEAT anunció hoy que el delantero del Miami HEAT James Johns

Summer League: HEAT 75 – Spurs 74 Game Recap

The Miami HEAT defeated the San Antonio Spurs 75-74 Saturday night at Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas Summer League.

HEAT Re-Signs Dion Waiters

MIAMI, July 7 – The Miami HEAT announced today that they have re-signed guard Dion Waiters.


迈阿密热火在周四早上夏季联赛的比赛中以72:91不敌纽约尼克斯。威廉姆斯得到了热火最高的14分。 1. 罗宾逊第四节的精彩表现

Summer League: Knicks 91 – HEAT 72 Game Recap

The Miami HEAT fell to the New York Knicks 91-72 Thursday morning at Amway Center in Orlando Pro Summer League.


“Chris cambió su vida y carrera en el baloncesto cuando vino a Miami”, afirmó el presidente del HEAT Pat Riley.

No Boxes For Okaro White

The Miami HEAT’s Summer League team is a little different this year.

Summer League: HEAT 71 - Pistons 73 Game Recap

The Miami HEAT fell to the Detroit Pistons 73-71 in double overtime Tuesday night at Amway Center in Orlando Pro Summer League.

HEAT Waive Chris Bosh

MIAMI, July 4 – The Miami HEAT announced today that they have waived forward Chris Bosh.

Early Days of Bam

Summer League can be a difficult environment for a big man to thrive in, at least when it comes to succeeding in the way that they’ll eve


迈阿密热火在周日下午在Amway中心与奥兰多魔术的比赛中以68:81不敌对手。奥卡罗怀特得到了热火最高的15分。 1. 斑展现出他惊人的运动能力

Summer League: Magic 81 – HEAT 68 Game Recap

The Miami HEAT fell to the Orlando Magic 81-68 Sunday afternoon at Amway Center in Orlando Pro Summer League.


迈阿密, 6月28日 –迈阿密热火今天宣布他们将会参加奥兰多夏季联赛和拉斯维加斯夏季联赛。热火球员奥卡罗怀特和2017年新秀阿德巴约将会参加夏季联赛。热火助理教练克里斯昆将出任夏季联赛主教练。



A Rookie For All Seasons

It doesn’t take very long to figure out how Bam Adebayo can with fit not just with the Miami HEAT, but also the modern NBA.



Work Never Stops for McGruder

When you accomplish something you’ve always set your mind to, you can do one of two things: get complacent or work even harder.


MIAMI, FL – El Miami HEAT anunció hoy que seleccionó


迈阿密, 佛罗里达 – 迈阿密热火宣布他们在2017年第一轮14号签选中了阿德巴约。


迈阿密,6月20日– 迈阿密热火将会将精彩的NBA选秀带到美航球馆的XFINITY平台,由Verizon特约的2017年迈阿密热火选秀派对将于6月22日晚上举行。迈阿密热火拥有14号选秀权。

HEAT to Host 2017 Draft Party Presented by Verizon

MIAMI, June 20 – The Miami HEAT will bring all of the excitement of the NBA Draft to the XFINITY East Plaza at the Ameri

Miami HEAT Summer Jam

Join us for a summertime celebration HEAT-style at Miami HEAT Summer Jam - a family-oriented, interactive, kids festival

Josh Richardson 2016-17 Season Rundown

Season Rundown:



贾斯蒂斯-温斯洛 2016-17赛季回顾