Fernando Santos
3th World cup
FIFA Ranking: 10
Best result: first round

Group C
Ivory Coast

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Belgium v Greece: World Cup 2018 qualifier – live!

The Guardian

World Cup qualifying Group H updates from the 7.45pm GMT gameLive scores | Results from all of today’s matchesAnd email your thoughts to 8.03pm GMT 17 min “I’m not really wanting to start anything public on this subject, but whilst I can see your point about Belgium as the time they blew their big moment, it’s more tricky about England about the hype, when we are so inundated with our own media, dissecting it so ruthlessly,” says Drew Goldie. “Was there really a golden generation, or was it just because football because more fashionable and wasn’t just back-page stuff? Perception’s a funny one. Do you know if the foreign press hyped England as potential winners of tournaments from - what, 98 to 2010?”I see your point but I honestly think they did, certainly in 2006 and probably a little either side of them. On paper, Eriksson’s England were extremely good, and most of them were regulars in the later stages of the Champions League. 7.59pm GMT 14 min “Surely the most puzzling omission is Moussa Dembele,” says John Tumbridge. “He has helped drive Spurs to second place at the moment and looked great all season.”Yes I’d have him over Witsel or Fellaini, but Roberto Martinez will have his reasons. I love Dembele. The way he hugs the ball on his left when he runs with the ball is just so damn moreish. 7.59pm GMT 13 min The first chance of the match. Mertens has time on the right and picks out a deliberate deep cross, arrowing it right onto the big, welcoming noggin of Fellaini. For once he makes a mess of a header, mistiming it well wide of the far post. He should have scored, and usually would have done. It was a brilliant cross from Mertens. 7.56pm GMT 10 min “Rob, the Belgians seem to be like a great beer in the making, with all the right ingredients, but that goes flat when poured out at the big occasions,” says Al The Pub Landl Justin Kavanagh. “So researching this, I’ve discovered that beer is given its fizz by being placed in a sealed container under pressure, whereby the beer absorbs the CO2. My conclusion is that Roberto Martinez needs to get his squad together a month before Russia in a Trappist environment and threaten blue murder if they don’t produce the goods next summer. After all, who wouldn’t bubble after a month of Martinez’s non-stop optimism?”Sepp Piontek tried that in 1986, a story told in Danish Dynamite, named by the BBC as one of the five best football books of all time. But what he didn’t know is that Jan Molby had the keys to the secret beer stash, and the greatest Danish team of all didn’t win the World Cup. 7.54pm GMT 9 min Belgium are passing and moving as if they’re on the catwalk. It looks great, to be fair, and I bet they are bloody good in the rondo. In this actual match, almost all of their elegant passing has been in front of Greece. 7.52pm GMT 7 min Breaking nostalgia: Greece won Euro 2004. 7.50pm GMT 5 min “Belgium must be good if they can’t find places for Hazard or de Bruyne,” says Jake Lynch. “Is this some recondite scheme by Roberto Martinez? Or are they injured?”Yep, both injured. 7.49pm GMT 4 min I’m not sure Greece have been out of their half yet. Belgium are swaggering around, moving the ball quickly and confidently. 7.48pm GMT 2 min A fast start from Belgium. Mertens, playing on the left in the absence of Eden Hazard, crosses towards the near post. Kapino spills it but just manages to grab it at the second attempt as Lukaku lunges towards the ball. The Greece defenders weren’t happy with Lukaku’s challenge, though it looked legitimate. 7.46pm GMT 1 min Peep peep! Belgium, in the usual red and black, kick off from left to right. Greece are in white. 7.32pm GMT “Belgium better start delivering,” says Phil Podolsky, “cause their midfield conductor and architect is turning 30 this year.” 7.07pm GMT Belgium (3-3-3-1) Courtois; Alderweireld, Ciman, Vertonghen; Nainggolan, Witsel, Fellaini; Chadli, Mertens, Carrasco; Lukaku.Greece (4-2-3-1) Kapino; Torosidis, Manolas, Sokratis, Tzavellas; Tachtsidis, Samaris; Mantalos, Fortounis, Stafylidis; Mitroglou. 6.54pm GMT A bit of pre-match reading Related: Why Eden Hazard eclipses the N’Golo Kanté cult and is player of the year | Barney Ronay 12.35pm GMT Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first call a golden generation. Belgium are in danger of becoming the disappointment of their generation. They have looked great on paper for a few years now, but all they have managed on the pitch are two tame quarter-final defeats at the World Cup and European Championship.They have replaced England as the team with the highest hype: achievement ratio in world football. It’s not too late to change that, though. They are still a young side - Romelu Lukaku is 23, Kevin de Bruyne 25, Eden Hazard 26 - and most of their squad should have at least two more major tournaments in them. Continue reading...