Father's day in Brazil: World Cup players with their kids or dads

16 June 2014

With the World Cup off to an astounding start many players won't have the chance to celebrate father's day with their dads. Those who now have children of their own will have to spend the day thousands of miles away from their loved ones. To make up for their absence, many posted photos to the various social media. We have selected some of the nicest ones for you. Read more

Players' reactions on Holland's big win against Spain

14 June 2014

On Friday Spain suffered its biggest World Cup loss since 1950. The first World Cup shocker provoked many a Twitter response, with several World Cup players expressing their surprise. We've rounded up some World Cup players' reactions on Holland's historic victory. Read more

The road to Brazil - 15 travel photos by World Cup players

10 June 2014

With the start of the World Cup only days away, all teams have now arrived in Brazil. Over the past few weeks everyone has done their fair share of travelling; In preparation for the tournament all teams have played several friendlies and most went on a training stage away from their home country. As a result, we've seen a lot of travelling photos being shared on the various social networks we follow. We have selected some of the best ones for you. Read more

Spain also reigning champion on Twitter

9 June 2014

In the run up to the World Cup 2014 several blogs have written about the Twitter popularity of the contending players and teams. For instance, Mashable presented the most popular WC players and others published the most followed football association accounts. We utilize Clupdate.com’s overview of individual player accounts to bring you a popularity ranking of national teams. Read more

About Clupdate

Clupdate is a platform that takes individual player feeds from different social networks. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts are aggregated by team and displayed in a single stream. This gives you an overview of the events that matter to the players of your favorite team.

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