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Tunisia make it through but Algeria are out of Africa Cup Of Nations

The Guardian

• Algeria fail to qualify after being held to a 2-2 draw by Senegal• Tunisia beat Zimbabwe 4-2 to claim their quarter-final placeAlgeria were eliminated from the Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon in the final games in Group B on Monday. They drew with Senegal 2-2 and learned Tunisia went through to the quarter-finals in their place by beating Zimbabwe 4-2.Ten goals were scored at the culmination of the group but Algeria’s fate was in effect sealed after their North African rivals, Tunisia, went 2-0 up early against Zimbabwe with strikes from Niam Sliti and Youssef Msakni. Algeria needed Tunisia to lose in Libreville to have a chance of progressing to the quarters. Related: Senegal 2-2 Algeria: Africa Cup of Nations – as it happened Continue reading...

Senegal 2-2 Algeria: Slimani at the double as Desert Warriors bow out

Two goals from the Leicester City striker Islam Slimani were not enough to keep Georges Leekens' side in the 2017 AFCON, finishing third in Group B

Senegal 2-2 Algeria: Africa Cup of Nations – as it happened

The Guardian

Algeria went out of the tournament without winning a game despite Islam Slimani’s two goals against a Senegal reserve side 8.52pm GMT Peep peep! A much-fancied Algeria side go out of the Africa Cup of Nations at the group stage, without winning a game. They needed to beat Senegal and hope Zimbabwe won against Tunisia. Neither happened, so they are off to catch Flight DO1. Senegal, the group winners, will play Cameroon in the quarter-finals, and Tunisia will meet Burkina Faso. Thanks for your company, goodnight! 8.45pm GMT 88 min Mahrez misses an excellent chance to win it, sidefooting over with his right foot after a good return pass from Ghezzal. 8.43pm GMT 86 min “Evening Rob,” says Simon McMahon. “I don’t think the internet has reached Orkney yet. And even if it has, they’ll be too busy fishing and milking cows to notice. Said affectionately by a fellow Scot, of course. You know, just in case.” 8.42pm GMT 85 min Sow’s blocked shot breaks to Diame, whose well-struck volley from 25 yards is too close to Asselah. 8.40pm GMT 83 min Another Algeria substitution; Ghezzal replaces the impressive Hanni, who made Slimani’s first goal and should have made his third. 8.39pm GMT 83 min For a game that was rendered meaningless after 15 minutes this has been pretty enjoyable. 8.39pm GMT 81 min The two teams are running out of time if they want to score a winner, or start a brawl. It seems Slimani came off with an injury; his thigh is being strapped as he reclines on the bench. 8.38pm GMT 80 min Slimani’s tournament is over. He is replaced by Baghdad Bounedjah. 8.37pm GMT 79 min Algeria should just turn up for the quarter-final against Burkina Faso and then, when questioned, cite alternative facts that show they finished second in the group. 8.36pm GMT 78 min Another Senegal substitution: Idrissa Gueye of Everton replaces N’Diaye. 8.35pm GMT 77 min Slimani misses a golden chance for a hat-trick. He was put through by a cracking pass from Hanni and had lots of time to consider his shot as N’Diaye came out. He tried to sidefoot it into the far corner and put it a couple of yards wide. 8.33pm GMT 76 min “Seeing as how the high-flying Sadio Mané is being rested today and doesn’t have to play for his country again until Saturday 28 January,” says Peter Oh, “surely he will be allowed to hop on a plane back to Liverpool for the EFL Cup semi-final 2nd leg against Southampton on Wednesday 25 January before re-joining his Senegal teammates?”Yes, Fifa are keen to do everything they can to bring the EFL Cup into the 21st century. I think their next plan is to make it a 48,128,256,512-team tournament. 8.32pm GMT 75 min Hanni’s ambitious long-range shot is fumbled by N’Diaye, who claims it at the second attempt under pressure from Slimani. 8.31pm GMT 74 min Diedhiou is booked for booting Mandi, who yelps with pain. 8.27pm GMT 70 min A Senegal change: Mbodji off, Famara Diedhiou on. 8.26pm GMT 69 min “The timing of this tournament is designed to prevent Liverpool from signing the second Salif Diao or the new El Hadji Diouf,” says Ian Copestake. “So for that I thank it.”You need more empathy in your latte mate. 8.24pm GMT 67 min The game is starting to peter out now, though fisticuffs should not be completely ruled out. Slimani follows a backheader to the keeper N’Diaye, who claims it and then goes down laughably after the merest contact with Slimani. 8.23pm GMT 63 min Does anyone reading this live in Orkney? 8.20pm GMT 61 min Cadamuro, who was booked a moment ago, clatters Diop in the face with a leading arm. He’s pretty lucky to stay on the pitch. 8.18pm GMT 61 min Mahrez has been superb today, with some glorious touches. I wonder where he’ll be playing next season. He is good enough for any team in the world. 8.17pm GMT 60 min Zimbabwe have scored another goal against Tunisia, to reduce the deficit to 4-2. 8.17pm GMT 59 min “Marcellus would have voted for Obama - and made all his clan follow suit - but not Clinton,” says Charles Antaki. “Butch wouldn’t have voted at all. And we can hazard a fairly good guess at who the guys in the pawn shop would have favoured.”So who voted for Pedro? 8.16pm GMT 58 min Sarr rolls over spectacularly and repeatedly after a foul by Cadamuro, who is booked. I think it was the fall rather than the foul that caused Sarr’s pain.- 8.14pm GMT 56 min “Evening Rob,” says David Horn. “Sorry to email in and all, with your Communication Vacuum Record only 40 minutes from completion ... but I’ve diligently used Apple-F (hipster CTRL-F) to search for Sadio Mané, and not found a mention. Assuming & hoping, on behalf of Liverpool (and Senegal!) fans, he’s being rested as Senegal top the group, rather than he’s broken his arm / leg. Right? Right!!”He’s already scored two goals at each end; the reason you couldn’t find him is that I couldn’t be bothered to put the accent on the E. 8.12pm GMT Sow makes a silk purse out of a half-chance to bring Senegal level straight away. A loose ball broke to him 20 yards from goal, and he blasted a low first-time shot across Asselah and into the corner. That’s an excellent goal. 8.11pm GMT Slimani shanks Algeria into the lead. It was made by the superb Mahrez, who moved into the box on the right and teased a lofted pass to Slimani at the far post. He took it on his chest and then, as it bounced up awkwardly, inadvertently sliced a dismal looping shot beyond the reach of N’Diaye. N’Doye got back to hoof it clear off the bar but the ball had crossed the line. 8.08pm GMT 52 min I suppose this is good news for Leicester at least. 8.08pm GMT 50 min A chance for Senegal. Ciss fizzes a good pass along the line of the penalty area; Sarr arrives on the other side, opens up his body and sidefoots a few yards wide. It was a pretty unconvincing attempt. 8.03pm GMT 46 min Peep peep! Algeria begin the second half with nothing to play for except pride, and we know what Marsellus Wallace said about that. 8.01pm GMT In happier news, we’re still on course for a record: the first Guardian liveblog with absolutely no emails. Don’t let me down now! 7.48pm GMT That was a pretty miserable half for Algeria - not so much in this game but because Tunisia are 4-1 ahead against Zimbabwe, and that means Algeria will be on Flight DO1 tonight. See you in 10 minutes for the second half. 7.45pm GMT 45 min More goals in the other group match: it’s Zimbabwe 1-4 Tunisia. 7.44pm GMT Senegal are level. Sarr’s cross is half cleared by the head of Mandi. It comes to Dop, backing up the play just outside the D, and he bobbles a volley through a posse of defenders and past the unsighted Asselah. 7.42pm GMT 40 min Ciss finds N’Diaye, who scoops a shot miles wide from the edge of the box. 7.40pm GMT 39 min Now Bentaleb is booked for a high tackle on Ciss. There is a bit more pushing and shoving. This match has encouraging potential for a brawl. 7.39pm GMT 39 min Ghoulam is booked for a cynical trip on Diame. 7.38pm GMT 38 min It’s now Zimbabwe 0-3 Tunisia, which means Algeria are definitely, absolutely, almost certainly out of the tournament. 7.37pm GMT 37 min Konate flicks a header over the bar from a right-wing corner. Asselah had it covered. 7.34pm GMT 32 min Mahrez almost scores a gorgeous goal. His extravagant flick near the halfway line sent two defenders off to the wrong fire and allowed Brahimi to move forward into space. He then returned the ball to Mahrez, who surged into the area and hit a right-footed shot that was blocked by the legs of the keeper N’Diaye. 7.31pm GMT 30 min Senegal have a free-kick 30 yards from goal. Sow slams it into the chest of Slimani, who is penalised for handball. That means another free-kick just outside the box. This one hits the legs of one the defenders in the wall, and after much consideration the referee decides not to penalise him for handball. 7.29pm GMT 29 min There have been a few, a-hem, zealous tackles in this game, and there’s another from Guedioura on Diop. You have to work quite hard to get booked in this tournament, and so far nobody has managed it. 7.28pm GMT 27 min Algeria are starting to enjoy themselves, playing with the freedom of the buggered. Mahrez dupes Ciss with a lovely, Waddleish piece of skill before his cross is crucially intercepted by Mbodji. 7.24pm GMT 23 min Goodnight Algeria: Tunisia now lead Zimbabwe 2-0, and are going through to the quarter-finals with Senegal. 7.22pm GMT 21 min Konate plays a nice, semi-disguised through pass to Sow. He tries to go round the outrushing keeper Asselah, who gets down smartly to his left to save. That was Senegal B’s best chance; Sow’s touch was too soft and that brought Asselah into the game. 7.19pm GMT 18 min Ciss jumps over a challenge from Meftah in the box, prompting a mini appeal for a penalty. I think Meftah aborted the challenge in time, and there weren’t any protests. 7.16pm GMT 15 min There wasn’t much in that shoving match and the players soon calmed down. Sarr seems okay. 7.15pm GMT 14 min Slimani fouls Sarr, and then Hanni treads on his ankle as he falls. I don’t know if it was deliberate but Sarr screamed in pain and now players on both sides are shoving each other. 7.14pm GMT 13 min Almost a second for Algeria. Mahrez’s excellent corner from the right was flicked on by Steve Bould Hanni at the near post, and the stretching Mandi studded it wide at the far post. He was at full stretch and couldn’t quite get enough of his boot on the ball. 7.12pm GMT Tunisia’s goal was scored by Naim Sliti, a deflected long-range strike. As it stands they will play Burkina Faso in the quarters. 7.11pm GMT Algeria have taken the lead. Trouble is, so have Tunisia against Zimbabwe. It was a good goal from Algeria, with Slimani sidefooting Hanni’s terrific cross into the net on the volley. But they are out unless Zimbabwe win the other match. 7.08pm GMT 7 min A corner to Senegal on the right. Diop delivers and you’re one clears at the near post. 7.07pm GMT 6 min Algeria work up enough enthusiasm to cross the halfway line, and Hanni even gets into the box on the left before his cross is blocked. 7.03pm GMT 3 min Senegal’s B team may have nothing to play for but football itself, yet they have started with much greater confidence and urgency than Algeria. 7.01pm GMT 1 min Senegal make a flying start, with Sarr on the right of the box driving a vicious low ball right across the face of goal. 7.00pm GMT 1 min A grown man puts a whistle to his mouth, and a sporting contest thus commences. Senegal are in white, kicking from left to right; Algeria are in green. 7.00pm GMT Just before we kick off, here’s some Senegalese porn. 6.51pm GMT Do you have money to burn? If so, don’t burn it - do me a solid and click here instead. 6.51pm GMT Senegal, who are guaranteed to top the group, have rested 10 players ahead of Saturday’s quarter-final against Cameroon. Kara Mbodji is the only player who survives from the win over Zimbabwe. 6.40pm GMT This is tremendous PSV supporter and astonishing genius Michael van Gerwen parades his world title at the Philips Stadion. 6.30pm GMT Some pre-match reading Related: Hosts Gabon leave Africa Cup of Nations unbeaten but uninspiring 6.13pm GMT Senegal (possible 3-4-3) K N’Diaye; Ciss, Mbodji, Z Toure; Diame, N’Doye, P N’Diaye, Diop; Konate, Sow, I Sarr.Algeria (possible 4-2-3-1) Asselah; Meftah, Mandi, Cadamuro, Ghoulam; Bentaleb, Guédioura; Mahrez, Hanni, Brahimi; Slimani. 6.12pm GMT Our main focus tonight will be Senegal v Algeria, though we’ll have goal updates from Tunisia v Zimbabwe. It’d be crude not to. 2.06pm GMT Hello. The Senegal coach Aliou Cisse describes this match the African Clásico. But tonight, Matthew, Senegal and Algeria don’t meet as equals. Senegal, the team of the tournament so far, are already guaranteed to top Group B and play Cameroon in the quarter-finals. Algeria need snookers if they are to reach the last eight and play Burkina Faso. Algeria were one of the favourites for this tournament, but thus far they have had a stinker: they drew 2-2 with Zimbabwe and lost the North African derby against Tunisia 2-1. That Tunisia defeat was especially costly; with head-to-head record being used to split teams who finish level, Tunisia need only a draw against Zimbabwe to put Algeria out. Continue reading...

Afcon 2017: Sadio Mané on target again as Senegal beat Zimbabwe to advance

The Guardian

• Mané and Saivet find the net in 2-0 victory to seal quarter-final spot• Tunisia beat Algeria 2-1 thanks to own goal from Mandi and Sliti penaltySenegal sailed into the quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations with a comfortable 2-0 victory over Zimbabwe.Goals from Sadio Mané and Henri Saivet ensured the 2002 finalists progressed from Group B with their final match against Algeria to spare, but the margin of victory should have been much larger. Related: Emmanuel Adebayor: ‘I have a bad reputation in England and I don’t know why’ Continue reading...

Algeria v Tunisia: Afcon 2017 – live!

The Guardian

Africa Cup of Nations updates from Group B, kick-off 4pm GMTAdebayor: ‘I have a bad reputation in England and I don’t know why’And you can email your thoughts to Niall or tweet @niallmcveigh 4.06pm GMT 5 mins: Brahimi, Ghezzal and Mahrez stand over it, and it’s Brahimi who takes it, Mathlouthli leaping to turn it over the bar. From the corner, the Tunisian captain makes an even better save, turning away Slimani’s header from point blank range! 4.04pm GMT 4 mins: Algeria starting with plenty of attacking intent, and Slimani draws a cheap foul from Abdennour, presenting Mahrez with a chance to shoot from the edge of the box... 4.03pm GMT 3 mins: Mahrez’s free kick is cleared, but Mandi is flagged offside from Brahimi’s cross. He was about three yards onside. 4.02pm GMT 2 mins: Algeria win a free kick, Ben Amor penalised for not much in a challenge on Ghezzal. 4.01pm GMT 1 min: Slimani, who didn’t have the best time against Zimbabwe, is penalised for an early foul on Abdennour. 4.00pm GMT We’re off. Algeria are in all-white with green trim, Tunisia in all red. 3.56pm GMT Four minutes until kick-off: just enough time to enjoy this banger from Algeria’s ‘raï king’, Khaled. 3.52pm GMT The players are in the tunnel in Franceville, in front of a disappointly sparse scattering of locals and fans of either team. It’s a sweaty 27 degrees, with a chance of storms...@niallmcveigh Today should be a good game, arguably one of the best games of this group stage. Cant wait for Mahrez to turn on his magic. 3.48pm GMT Three changes for Algeria, with Malik Asselah in goal ahead of Raïs M’Bolhi, Rennes’ Mohamed Meftah replacing Mokhtar Belkhiter in defence, and Lyon’s Rachid Ghezzal coming in for qualifying top scorer El Arabi Soudani.For Tunisia, Sunderland’s Wahbi Khazri replaces Larry Azouni and Mohamed Ben Amor comes in for Hamza Lahmar, his team-mate at the beautifully named Tunisian side Étoile du Sahel. 3.33pm GMT LINE UP | The starting XI for the match Algeria - Tunisia #CAN2017 #ALGTUN 3.22pm GMT PreviousNorth African teams are enduring a barren run at the Africa Cup of Nations, and these two have to take their share of the blame. No side north of the Sahara has reached the semi-finals since Egypt completed a hat-trick of wins in 2010. Both of these nations have won Afcon once, when they were hosts – Algeria in 1990, Tunisia in 2004. Since their victory, the Carthage Eagles haven’t won a knockout game, but did beat Algeria in a 2013 group game, thanks to a stoppage-time screamer from Youssef Msakni: 12.50pm GMT Hello. These two North African neighbours are, on paper at least, among this tournament’s heavyweights. Ranked fourth and fifth on the continent, both qualified for Gabon in style; Algeria scored 25 goals in six games, Tunisia conceded just three. Then, the draw grouped them together, alongside Africa’s top-ranked team, Senegal. After both failed to win entertaining opening matches, this derby suddenly has an all-or-nothing edge to it.Algeria’s new coach, Georges Leekens, has to work quickly with a side that’s less than the sum of its parts; few squads have so many names from Europe’s larger leagues, led by unanimous African player of the year Riyad Mahrez. The Leicester winger showed his class with two goals against Zimbabwe, but the Fennecs had to settle for a 2-2 draw in a helter-skelter match either team could have won by a hefty margin. 11.09am GMT Read Nick Ames’s glorious interview with none other than Emmanuel Adebayor:A short walk downhill from the Togo team’s hotel in Bitam, northern Gabon, a graffiti artist has been at work. “Adebayor le meilleur” – Adebayor the best – is the scrawl on the side of a breeze-blocked structure, accompanied by a telephone number.Someone is clearly keen to discuss the striker’s merits and this would not be a bad day for it: 24 hours previously it may have been a stretch to envisage Emmanuel Adebayor, without a club since leaving Crystal Palace in June, looking up to speed at the Africa Cup of Nations but his performance in a surprise goalless draw with Ivory Coast was eye-catching and the applause he received on his late substitution was anything but sentimental. Related: Emmanuel Adebayor: ‘I have a bad reputation in England and I don’t know why’ Continue reading...

Afcon Stat Pack: All you need to know about Algeria v Tunisia

All the stats and numbers you need as Algeria prepare to take on Tunisia in a North-African derby in Franceville

Afcon 2017: Sadio Mané on target as Senegal defeat wasteful Tunisia

The Guardian

• Group B: Tunisia 0-2 Senegal; Mané 10, Mbodji 30• Riyad Mahrez scores twice as Algeria draw with ZimbabweLiverpool’s Sadio Mané scored a 10th-minute penalty to send Senegal on their way to a 2-0 victory over Tunisia and top of Group C at the Africa Cup of Nations on Sunday.Mané scored from the spot after Aymen Abdennour had brought down Cheikhou Kouyaté in the penalty area, giving Senegal the lead against the run of play. Related: Tunisia v Senegal: Afcon 2017 – as it happened Continue reading...

Algeria must cut out mistakes against Tunisia - Leekens

The Desert Foxes face a vital clash with Tunisia in their second game after failing to beat Zimbabwe and needing a late goal to secure a draw

Algeria 2-2 Zimbabwe: Mahrez double prevents shock defeat

An engrossing opening game in Group B saw the Leicester City forward and reigning PFA Player of the Year snatch a late leveller

Afcon 2017: Riyad Mahrez scores twice to rescue draw against Zimbabwe

The Guardian

• Group B: Algeria 2-2 Zimbabwe• Mahrez 13 82; Mahachi 17, Mushekwi 30Riyad Mahrez scored twice, one a late equaliser, as Algeria were held to a 2-2 draw by Zimbabwe on day two of the Africa Cup of Nations in Group B.Mahrez, the Leicester City winger, gave Algeria a 13th-minute lead with a curling shot and he salvaged a point for Algeria with his second the eight minutes from time after Zimbabwe had turned the game around. Related: Tunisia v Senegal: Afcon 2017 – live! Continue reading...

Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez named 2016 African player of the year

The Guardian

• Leicester and Algeria winger caps dream year after winning Premier League• Arsenal’s Alex Iwobi crowned youth player of the yearRiyad Mahrez has capped the most successful period of his career by winning the 2016 African player of the year award.The winger scored 17 Premier League goals as Leicester won the title under Claudio Ranieri, with the Algerian’s exploits earning him the PFA players’ player of the year award in April 2016. Continue reading...

The Premier League’s likely winners and losers from 2017 Africa Cup of Nations | Paul Doyle

The Guardian

Liverpool, Manchester United, Sunderland, Leicester and others may be hit by loss of players to tournament as clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester City capitaliseNow is the time for top clubs to prove that to be forewarned really is to be forearmed. Everyone knew that the Africa Cup of Nations was on the agenda for early 2017 and now, with 23 Premier League players among those heading off to Gabon to compete for their countries in what their employers view as the world’s worst-timed international tournament, rich clubs must show they are resourceful enough to cope. Otherwise they will pay a heavy price. Related: Liverpool’s matchwinner Sadio Mané will head to Gabon with a heavy heart Related: Wilfried Zaha accepts Ivory Coast call-up for Africa Cup of Nations Continue reading...